Learn, Then Lead

I've been experiencing a consistent occurrence among organizations I've been advising; leadership that is rooted down in their bank of experience while being aversive to change. Though competitors are moving quickly ahead and customer retention is fleeting, management doesn't quite seem to understand why their brand is losing ground.

The solution is simple and obvious. By making a commitment to learning about (3) critical aspects of the operation (offerings, customers, and competitors), organizations will be able to get back in the game.

  1. Is the product or service performing at its fullest potential? Is it maintaining it relevance in the marketplace? What are the success metrics of the marketing initiatives? Is the company measuring their team's performance?

  2. Talk to customers. What is influencing their decisions? What is most important to them? What are they expecting from the brand?

  3. What are competitors up to? Are they facing similar challenges? If so, how are they responding? What is giving them their competitive advantage?

Keep learning and you'll always be equipped with the tools you'll need to to stay relevant and successful.

Once you stop learning, you stop leading.
Education, BrandingGeof Pelaia