Execute Email Campaigns That Work

Though marketing technologies are always advancing, email is still a mainstay with consumers. 

If you aren't leveraging email in your marketing mix, consider these facts:

To craft an effective email campaign, follow these tips to ensure you are maximizing your efforts:

  1. Grab Attention with Subject Lines – Quality subject lines are imperative to email open rates. Try engaging the reader by asking questions, sharing interesting stats or figures, or by creating excitement. Keep subject lines short – the email marketing rule of thumb recommends limiting characters to 50 or less (4-6 words, tops).
  2. Segment and Target – Taking the time to manage your database and segment groups is time well spent. This effort pays off best when you need to send out targeted messages that may not be relevant to everyone in your database.
  3. Get Real with Content – Quality content that is relevant to recipients will perform best. Keep emails short, on point, and visually engaging. Once you design a layout for your emails, stick with it - especially if you are sending out email campaigns frequently. Don't forget to introduce measurable calls-to-actions that serve your overall marketing goals. 
  4. Consider the Mobile Email Reader – With so many emails opened on mobile devices, make sure to test your email campaign's layout and contents to make sure its mobile compatible. Keep your messages short for the mobile user, use fewer images and format them for quick loading. Make sure that all links are ‘thumbable.’ If you can’t click on it easily with your thumb, redesign it using images or buttons.
  5. Don't Forget to be Social – Each email campaign presents an opportunity to grow your social media network and extend the reach of your messages. Remind recipients that you are on social media platforms and invite them to share your content!
  6. Monitor and Analyze – Email campaigns provide a variety of metrics to analyze and draw insights from. Open Rates can tell you how many recipients have actually opened the email and Click-Throughs will provide insight on which content in the email is most popular. Keeping an eye on these metrics will certainly provide guidance on best practices for your organization's future email campaigns.

Consider these tips when crafting your next email campaign and expect higher open rates, click-throughs, and conversions that will help amplify your organization's overall marketing and communication goals. 

Geof Pelaia