IABC Speaker Reveals Trends in Mobile Adoption

"Mobile development must be taken seriously," stated IABC speaker John-Paul Walton. "By 2015 the majority of web experiences will take place on mobile devices."

On November 10th, Walton, co-founder of Lakewood-based software studio Retronyms, presented IABC members with tremendous insight on the growth of the mobile web industry. He suggested that advancements in hardware and software technology are only part of the equation. True innovation is coming from creative applications inspired by users.

"People are adopting mobile devices and finding new ways to use them, our company creates new experiences for these users," Walton shares. His focus lately has been developing applications for iPhone and next-generation handhelds including modular audio environments, a polyphonic synthesizer, and location-based games through another venture, Dokogeo.

What can we expect next? "There will be an app for just about everything, solutions that simplify a task or help us become more efficient," states Walton. "The most successful apps are people-powered, letting users contribute to make the technology truly effective."

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